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STEAM Gala Preview for Upcoming STEAM Carnival for Kids Oct. 25-26

STEAM Gala Preview for Upcoming STEAM Carnival for Kids Oct. 25-26

Oct 23, 2014

Kicking off mid week was the STEAM Gala hosted at the Crafted at the Port of Los angeles for a sneak preview of the upcoming STEAM Carnival by Two Bit Circus Oct. 25-26. The evening was a celebration to inspire the next generation of great minds. The STEAM Gala brought together community leaders, elected officials, top innovators, and business professionals in support for science, technology, engineering, art and math – STEAM education focused on K-12 STEAM-based programs. It was a spectacular night from aerial performers, games, amazing metal art sculptures, live music and awards presented to eBay CMO Richelle Parham for STEAM Leadership and engineering doctoral student Albert Manero and Limbitless Team for Innovation. QGITS caught up with CTO and co-founder Eric Gradman of Two Bit Circus at the STEAM Gala about the upcoming STEAM Carnival event this weekend.

QGITS: What is STEAM Carnival?

Eric Gradman: STEAM Carnival is our opportunity to inspire everyone with what we do which is science, technology, engineering, arts and math. We have what we consider to be the most fun jobs in the world, we get to make amazing things and we want to give everybody else the opportunity to do that too. When you walk into to STEAM Carnival we want you to say “Wow!” and when you walk out we want you to say “Aha!” We want you to learn something, to be inspired by what it means to create and to invent, to make amazing things because that’s what this world needs..more amazing things.

Two Bit Circus
In photo (left): CTO and co-founder – Eric Gradman, Event Producer – Molly Waseka and CEO Brent Bushnell.

“We want kids to leave inspired. The most important thing is that they leave with a smile on their face and the next time someone talks about electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software, science or chemistry. They can say I saw that in action at the STEAM Carnival, let me tell you more.” - CTO and co-founder Eric Gradman of Two Bit Circus

STEAM Carnival – October 25-26, 11am-7pm
Located at the CRAFTED at The Port of LA
Purchase Tickets Here

STEAM Carnival

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