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Tutorial # 3 for Arduino with Jeremy Blum: EE Basics

Tutorial # 3 for Arduino with Jeremy Blum:  EE Basics

Feb 3, 2014

In this arduino tutorial by Jeremy Blum he will take a bit of a detour and focus on some key elements of electrical engineering design that we’ll be using in future episodes. Included amongst these topics is Ohm’s Law, current-limiting resistors, pull-down and pull-up resistors, voltage dividers, potentiometers, analog inputs, and voltage regulators.

Jeremy suggest if would like to learn more after watching this video, also check out Jeri Ellsworth and Dave Jones on youtube. They offer videos about everything from circuit design to pinball machines. Download the files associated with this episode Click Here

Check out his new book “Exploring Arduino” that helps support STEM/STEAM education:


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