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Taking You Inside a Space Shuttle: The EndeaVR Project | SoCal VR 2015

Taking You Inside a Space Shuttle: The EndeaVR Project | SoCal VR 2015

Jul 5, 2015

Come down to the Institute for Innovation, University of California Irvine Sunday, July 12th for the debut of SoCal Virtual Reality Conference & Expo in Orange County. The event will bring together speakers, companies and individuals to discuss the VR space along with a day filled of fun immersive demos, giveways and more. To kickoff the event Sunday at 11am, entrepreneur, filmmaker & supporter of STEM education, David Knight CEO of Terbine will ‘Take You Inside a Space Shuttle’ with the EndeaVR Project. He will show footage derived from the VR systems capturing the first comprehensive scoping of a Space Shuttle interior ever done. Take a look at a sneak peak of some video footage from the project:

David headed the philanthropic filming effort documenting the final phases of the Space Shuttle program including ‘Mission 26,’ the moniker for the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s journey across the U.S. and currently he is Executive Producer of the EndeaVR project, additionally he is a Trustee of the California Science Center Foundation involved in building a large new Air & Space center for the Western U.S. QGITS had a chance to talk some more about the EndeaVR project with David also about the upcoming plans for the new Air & Space Center and plans for a VR camera unit to go up on the International Space Station.

David Knight 2


QGITS: Is the EndeaVR project already live?

David: Right now we are not done with EndeaVR project, it has a ways to go, because we are still doing captures, so we have captured the flight deck and the payload bay which we did when it was open and now we are doing one more thing that we have to scan which is the mid deck. The mid deck is located where the hatch is and you actually have to crawl in since there is no way to walk into the space shuttle.

QGITS: Will VR be accessible to the public at the California Science Center or for when the new Air & Space Center opens?

David: New Air & Space Center will open in 2018, we hope by then VR technology will be progressed enough. One thing we are thinking which is not part of the plan yet until we see where it’s all going is in the world of mobile devices. It might be by the time we get to the opening in 2018 of our project, everybody might have some sort of VR technology built into their cell phone device.

QGITS: At the SoCal VR conference you will also be talking about the VR in space project?

David: A separate project we are working on sending a VR camera unit up to the International Space Station (ISS). We have a VR camera designed for remote applications. The California Science Center will be working on various VR things that has to do with the space shuttle and probably the ISS. The final frontier is that we are also thinking of putting a VR camera on it’s own satellite that would be a CubeSat with a VR camera on it. So we might be doing that instead of putting the camera on the space station, we will have to make that decision pretty soon.

July 12th, SoCal VR 2015 – Immerse yourself with VR technology and hear more from David Knight about the future plans of VR in space and the space shuttle. To register and check out the full line up of speakers and exhibitors, go to:

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