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Quadcopter and Multirotor Intro Build Class | LA Robotics Club

Quadcopter and Multirotor Intro Build Class | LA Robotics Club

Aug 6, 2013

LA Robotics Club is an organization that meets each month in Los Angeles promoting the experimentation with electronics, providing a forum for discussion and sharing information that gives its members a community to participate in and learn about the field of robotics and machine technology. Coming up this Sunday is a hands-on introduction class to multirotors RC aerial vehicle assembling a quadcopter or hexacopter of choice. Please visit for brief intro to quadcopters. To sign up for this fun learning intro class on building your first quadcopter, visit and register here to attend:

The goal of this class is to familiarize you with multirotors and build your first quadcopter or hexacopter. Past attendees have averaged 1.5 class to finish their project, but a few individuals have managed to fly their quadcopter at the end of their first class.

la robotics image robotics

Things the intro class will cover:  Basic Principles; Individual Component Function; Complete Assembly; Controller Configuration; Testing and Troubleshooting

To learn more on building your first Quadcopter, watch this basic tutorial by Hoverfly:

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