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Porpoise Robotics

Porpoise Robotics

Aug 3, 2013

PORPOISE Robotics is a nautical themed robotics program designed to help under-served schools and students foster their interests for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) in association with the Academy Award wining, maritime production company, Motion Picture Marine. PORPOISE focuses on grades 8 -12 and students are immersed in STEM, with the goal to excite and inspire students towards challenging and rewarding careers in maritime science, engineering and oceanography. Our nation needs over 300,000 new engineers in the next few years just to stay competitive worldwide.

Porpoise Robotics ONR logo small  These are creative, well paying and exciting careers which include robotics, under seas exploration, ship building, maritime defense and a host of related career paths.

PORPOISE students engage in STEM by being hands-on building mini-computers, write C++ code, solder circuit boards, sensors and motors together to create robotic boats, submarines, cars, and even rockets, which can blast off of our robotics boats, like in the real world. PORPOISE is real world engineering on, in and around the maritime environment.

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