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OC’s MatterHackers 3D Printing Shop at SoCal MakerCon

OC’s MatterHackers 3D Printing Shop at SoCal MakerCon

Nov 27, 2014

MatterHackers recently exhibited latest 3D printing technology at SoCal MakerCon held at the Los Angeles Fairplex in celebration of inventiveness, innovation and ideas in Southern California. MatterHackers is an Orange County based 3D printing company and they do everything from software to supplies to services carrying the widest selection of 3D printers, 3D printer filament and they have developed a 3D printing software platform called MatterControl. When it comes to 3d printing, they work mostly with desktop 3d printers and they are pushing the envelope to make this technology available to as many people as possible. Kevin Pope COO of MatterHackers was there at the event demonstrating to people 3D printing capabilities and their open source software platform used for 3D printing. QGITS stopped at their booth to talk with Kevin some more about MatterHackers, here’s what he had to say:

QGITS: What do you hope people learn today about MatterHackers?

Kevin: Today we are at SoCal MakerCon showing people the technology and what 3D printing is all about. At MatterHackers we are passionate about 3D printing and it’s potential as a game-changing technology and we want people to get hands-on experience with different printers and materials, see them working in live demonstrations and understand what it takes to create a 3D object.

airwolf3d printer

QGITS: How did MatterHackers get started?

Kevin: My partner Lars Brubaker first introduced me to this as long ago as 5 years. We sold our last company Reflexive Entertainment to Amazon and after we finished there, we hooked back up again and this was the thing we wanted to do. 3D printing additive manufacturing – it’s so trans formative, has such a power to make people’s lives better and enable them.




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