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OC MiniMaker Faire – Volunteering at the OCHackerz booth

OC MiniMaker Faire – Volunteering at the OCHackerz booth

Aug 18, 2013

This year’s event at the OC MiniMaker Faire QGITS team, along with Classbrain, Oval Integration and Film Videographer, Jack Valencia volunteered at the OCHackerz booth helping kids build flying car roadable aircraft out of legos and learn about flight with various design styles of flying paper airplanes inspired theme by the Caravellair flying roadable aircraft by Caravella Aerospace.

Last year’s first inaugural OC MiniMaker Faire event 2012, Anil Pattni founder of OCHackerz, team members and volunteers participated by helping kids build PC’s.

family lego 4

OCHackerz is a local organization looking to innovate, educate and collaborate on technology and startups in the community here in orange county. To find out more about new fun and cool upcoming events at OCHackerz, visit:

participants legos

At the end of the event, a family fun competition was held for who had the best flying roadable lego aircraft and who’s paper airplane could fly the longest distance. Winners took away with a $20 giftcard from Inventables and mechanical lego set by Robotis.

Stay tuned for video footage by QGITS TV of this year’s OC MiniMaker Faire event.

OC minimaker faire

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