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NASA Spacecraft Kepler

NASA Spacecraft Kepler

Jun 5, 2013

Nasa’s Kepler spacecraft mission a photometer instrument Schmidt telescope design in search for habitable planets orbiting other stars. Recently, scientists have discovered nearly 400 stars with orbiting giant planets.  The challenge is to find those in the “habitable zone” where liquid water and possibly life might exist.

From website, Nasa Planet Quest eloquently and simply asks ”Are we alone? Are their other planets like ours? Does life exist elsewhere in the universe?

These are questions mankind has been asking for years – since the time of Greek philosophers. But for years, those answers have been elusive, if not impossible to find.

Even more exciting is the fact that astronomers are in hot pursuit of the first discovery of an Earthlike exoplanet orbiting a star other than the sun. The discovery of the so-called “blue dot” could redefine our understanding of the universe and our place in it, especially if astronomers can also find signs that life exists on that planet’s surface.”

To learn more check out video by Nasa – Kepler Discovers Its Smallest ‘Habitable Zone’ Planets to Date


“Kepler’s Worlds” illustration by Artist Lynette Cook captivated my imagination. To view more of her artwork visit:


Copyright Lynette Cook, all rights reserved.

For educational resources please also visit Nasa website:

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