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International CES 2014 January 7-10 in Las Vegas NV

International CES 2014 January 7-10 in Las Vegas NV

Dec 3, 2013

International CES is the world’s gathering place for those who thrive on the business side of Consumer Technology coming soon this January 7-10 held in Las Vegas, NV.

Why Attend?

Get the first look at new devices, technologies and platforms as more than 3,200 exhibitors showcase the future of technology.┬áSuch as major players in 3D printing, game changing developments of country leading educational institutions, Cisco’s internet of things, fashionware that is embedded and wearable technology, home networking technologies, latest advances in online gaming, robotics, keynote lineup of the CE industry where CEO’s from the most powerful companies in technology presenting their vision for products services the networks for shaping innovation. And More…

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Check out video overview and highlights for upcoming 2014 CES Global Consumer Electronics and Consumer Technology Tradeshow and hope to see you there!

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