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Future Gazing Conference Session with Rob Nail CEO at Singularity University | CES 2014

Future Gazing Conference Session with Rob Nail CEO at Singularity University | CES 2014

Jan 29, 2014

Aside from practicing mind control over electronic devices and transportation by self-driving cars, what else does the future hold? Conference session at International CES 2014 talk with Rob Nail Assistant Founder and CEO at Singularity University/Singularity Labs, looks back at what 20th century prognosticators envisioned for today and acquire a vision of what consumer technology will look like in 10 years. How it will impact the way we live and interact? A lot of conversions in innovations across various technology sectors such as robotics, medicine, neuroscience, biotech, nano technology, etc. as different technologies are overlapping with each other causing technological disruptions that is happening by today’s rapid exponential progress.


Slide 1 starts with the introduction and premise of Singularity University Co-Founder well known futurist Ray Kurzweil who also wrote a book called “Singularity is Near” he looked at Moore’s Law – technology that built upon itself goes back 100 years on a smooth exponential curve a lot has happened since the 1900′s while technology progress has kept consistent and it’s moving faster than doubling.

CES FutureGazing Summary 2014.01.09.pptx

Furthermore, Rob talks about how humanity is affected by rapid technology, accessibility of knowledge & content to everyone even in remote places, wearables are going to be ubiquitous, augmented reality, exponential growth in robotics, the disruption in the manufacturing chain, autonomous cars/drones, security and using technological solutions that can positively impact our grand challenges like clean water, illiteracy and climate change. It’s time to start the discussion about the implications and opportunities of exponentially accelerating technologies.

View summary of all slides from Rob’s presentation at CES 2014 click here: CES_FutureGazing_Summary

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