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Flashforge Easy-to-Use Desktop 3D Printers at SoCal MakerCon

Flashforge Easy-to-Use Desktop 3D Printers at SoCal MakerCon

Nov 29, 2014

Flashforge USA was recently at the SoCal MakerCon event in celebration of makers and inspiring innovators, showcasing their disruptive 3D printer series the Creator & Dreamer. The Creator series 3D printers target hobbyists and tinkerers who enjoy customizing their 3D printers and truly calling it their own. The Dreamer series is intended for beginners and those who just want to get things done. Flashforge recently contracted with Dremel to produce their Idea Builder as well as Monoprice’s 3D printer, which was the giveaway prize at the SoCal MakerCon event for a lucky winner. Tech Journalist Matt Terndrup talked with Peter Hsiao, Marketing Specialist at Flashforge about their different 3D printers featured at SoCal MakerCon.


Matt Terndrup: Tell us about Flashforge.

Peter Hsiao: We started in 2011, our headquarters is located in China but we have our regional office here in Los Angeles where we have our service center support, placement parts and printers. FlashForge currently offers two 3D printer series: Creator and Dreamer. Dreamer series is the first 3D printer to be released with IPS LCD touch screen, and one of the first in the industry to have Wi-Fi printing capability. It is close-sourced and uses our own software FlashPrint. The Dreamer is beginner friendly developed with simplicity and straightforwardness in mind.


The Creator series printers which include the Creator, Creator X, and Creator Pro, are based on open-source platform, meaning that there is more flexibility in terms of customization, your able to print ABS, PLA, soluble materials such as PVA, HIPS, nylon, or even wood filament or bronze filament. The advantage of owning a Creator series is that your able to make modifications to the extruder and you have the freedom to use other 3rd party software and firmware.


Matt Terndrup: What do you have displayed here?

Peter Hsiao: We 3d printed chess pieces or even mechanical functional gears. All of our printers come with two print heads that allows you to print two colors at the same time. What if you want to print more complex objects for example like a bridge. There’s going to be over hang where areas have gaps but with dual extruders, what you can do is print the actual bridge with build materials like ABS for example and then build the support structure for the bridge using like soluble materials like PVA and HIPS. Once your finished building basically submerge it in water, give it like an hour and it will dissolve everything. Your bridge will have a completely smooth finish… Really cool stuff.


Matt Terndrup: What are people printing for the most part that you have seen?

Peter Hsiao: Our customers are very broad. We have enterprises doing prototypes for their business. We are trying to get into medical, for example dental offices they are demoing 3d printing molds for their own application. Hobbyist are printing drone parts and DIY products they want to customize and even the average joe who wants to make household products like shower head replacement, tooth brush holders or anything to make their life easier.




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