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Elon Musk receives Heinlein Award at Governors’ Dinner at the National Space Society Conference | ISDC 2014

Elon Musk receives Heinlein Award at Governors’ Dinner at the National Space Society Conference | ISDC 2014

May 18, 2014

Space Entreprener & Visionary Elon Musk CEO & Chief Designer at SpaceX, Chairman/Product Architect/CEO of Tesla Motors and Chairman of SolarCity received the National Space Society’s prestigious Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award during Friday evening’s Governor’s Dinner at the ISDC 2014 National Space conference by Trustees of the Heinlein Prize Trust. In the last decade SpaceX has been moving directly toward accomplishing goals that are of utmost importance such as forcing a drastic reduction in launch costs by doing the very hard task which no one else in the world has been willing and able to tackle working to create a family of commercially successful and reusable rocket boosters and reusable spacecraft.


The Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award honors those individuals once every two years who have made significant lifetime contributions in promoting the goal of a free spacefaring civilization. The Award is named after author Robert A. Heinlein widely recognized as the dean of science fiction writers and of his many contributions to the pro-space movement. The award concept came from his classic book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress which represents being able to “think outside of the box.”


Emcee for the evening by Geoff Notkin, Meteorite Expert & Star of Science Channel’s Meteorite Men. Keynote speaker Rick Searfoss former shuttle Astronaut, he has flown on both the Colombia & Atlantis, XPRIZE judge also XCOR Chief Co-Pilot; following later in the evening Space Pioneer Award to the Messenger team working on the first spacecraft to orbit Mercury and NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest a competition for students up to 12th grade (18 years old) from students around the world.


Vona is one of the tie winning teams along with team Greenspace of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest receiving grand prize awards at the dinner event. See team Vona’s  incredible proposal document highlighting the possibilities for living outside the earth.

Former Astronaut Rick Searfoss who is passionate about flight speaking on the “Space Renaissance” talks about the excitement of innovation and technology today overcoming the technical challenges and turning your ideas into reality.
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The ISDC National Space Conference 2014 provides an immersive look into current space development programs, cutting edge technologies bringing diverse backgrounds together for one purpose to explore humanity’s future in space. The conference covers diverse areas such as exploration of the Moon, settlement of Mars, perceptions of space from the media, space resources, energy from space, education and space policy.

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