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PAC-Man Maze Race with Drones & FPV by Robotics

PAC-Man Maze Race with Drones & FPV by Robotics

Aug 16, 2015

Ctrl.Me Robotics located in Venice Beach, Ca is hyperfocused on the future of drones with custom software and hardware to further safety and innovation. As one of Los Angeles’ only R & D labs, Ctrl.Me is developing software to make any drone as safe as possible and livestreaming aerial views to multiple devices. Last week had an interactive Pac-Man maze race open to the community where people paired up in teams, as one wore an FPV headset while the other guided you overhead by flying a drone to get you through the maze. QGITS talked more about the event with Adam Gibson of

QGITS: What’s happening here tonight?

Adam Gibson: Tonight this is basically an experiment of how LEDs will work with drones at night and beyond. What we are trying to determine is somewhere we can traverse VR with FPV which is first person view, in terms of drones. FPV goes beyond virtual reality it’s real life VR.

ctrlme 1IMG_1695

QGITS: I heard your going do this possibly in Vegas?

Adam Gibson: We might do this next month at InterDrone a big drone expo at the Rio. This is going to be a very interesting experience in terms of a massive meetup for lots of people which is what we are trying to accomplish in bringing a lot of people of the drone community together. We want to experiment with these machines beyond just taking pictures and make it more of an experience or an immersive environment that people aren’t regularly used to.

QGITS: Who can attend these events?

Adam Gibson: This is more or less for the drone community for people that are new to it or people that are just interested and maybe they are trying to get into it. Also seasoned veterans that are really into drones and they are looking to do something different. I think that we are all really pretty familiar with flying cameras for now, we have been doing that for about four years. It’s time to try take it to the next level in terms of not just what Oculus is doing but beyond that with first person view goggles and companies like Fat Shark and Zeis cinemizers, what DJI is selling and also the Skyzone or even the Headplay goggles. We want to encourage people to join our meetup group and we are advocates for STEM education. At we really want people to think about what’s happening for the future of drones because how we are using them today is not how we are going to use them in 5 years.

QGITS also spoke to one of the attendees at Pac-Man maze race, Harry a freshman student at Crossroads for Arts & Sciences who does FPV racing, all sorts of drone stuff and cinematography. I asked him about his unique goggle headset and how he heard about the event.

“This is the Quanum goggles from Hobby King they sell two versions. One comes in a neoprene support glove but it’s $20 more. The goggles I have..comes great as is, all you have to do is buy the goggles which is $30. The receiver for the video is about $30 and the battery $10. So you get a really great product for just $70. I found through my Dad and I discovered a whole world of drones and multirotors.” – Harry, student at Crossroads

Headset 1 headset 2

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