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13 Year old Quin Etnyre CEO of Qtechknow teaching Intro to Arduino Class at Deezmaker

13 Year old Quin Etnyre CEO of Qtechknow teaching Intro to Arduino Class at Deezmaker

Aug 11, 2014

Quin Etnyre is a maker, teacher and entrepreneur at just 13 years old, he runs his own company Qtechknow. His company manufactures electronic ArduSensors and kits that enables beginners, intermediate and advanced users to start making and programming with the open-source computing platform – Arduino. Quin recently taught a fun interactive intro to Arduino workshop class at Deezmaker 3D Printers & Hackerspace in Pasadena, Ca to both kids and adults of all ages. Diego Porqueras Founder of Deezmaker said of the event, ” It’s a really fun experience to have Quin teach a class at Deezmaker working with the Arduinos that we love to do. He is super smart, fun to hangout with and his parents are very supportive. When people see him teaching Arduino, it amazes them and makes them also feel that what he’s teaching in the Arduino system is really not that hard to work with, its pretty accessible for everybody to learn it . It’s been inspiring for the young kids to see someone their age know about it and for the adults they understand that if a younger person can do it, maybe they can learn Arduino too.” This is Quin’s 3rd time teaching the intro to Arduino class at Deezmaker, he has also taught MIT graduates how to program electronics, he has been invited to speak at the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum and he was invited to participate at the first ever White House Maker Faire.

Matt Terndrup a Writer at Hackaday spoke with Quin, CEO of Qtechknow while at the Arduino workshop event at Deezmaker, as students were working on there projects.

Quin is also the Maker of Fuzzbot a fully autonomous small Arduino robot that acts like a Swiffer Duster to pick up any unwanted dirt off of the floor. Seen here in photo demonstrated on table by one of the students in the class.


Check out more photos from the intro to Arduino class with Qtechknow at Deezmaker Hackerspace. Photos taken by Grant Keller.






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