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A Robot for Every Home: Meet the Purveyors of the New Robotics | CES 2014

A Robot for Every Home: Meet the Purveyors of the New Robotics | CES 2014

Jan 15, 2014

Like other consumer electronics products, robotics technologies are becoming pervasive in the home. One of the talk tracks held at the International CES 2014 “A Robot for Every Home: Meet the Purveyors of the New Robotics” with panelist Matthew Fisher Founder/CEO of Kumotek Robotics; Ted Larson CEO of Ologic; Paolo Pirjanian CTO of iRobot; Takanori Shibata Chief Sr. Research Scientist of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technoogy (AIST) and moderator Dan Kara Chief Research Officer at Myria Ras discuss the boundaries of the consumer robotics revolution and new opportunities, product development, enabling technologies, partnership and manufacturing strategies.


Robots in the past were primarily for research but now moving towards the consumer market in entertainment and making a difference in people’s lives such as healthcare; we are going to see the robotics market exceed within the next 5 years. Hardware is in vogue right now and more investments are being made with startup companies for example Pebble Watch was funded on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter raising over $10 million dollars,Y Combinator has increased their investments into more hardware startups and startup company Anki Drive was highlighted at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and raised $50 million from their series A round.


The seal on the panel stage is Paro a socially interactive therapeutic robot developed by Takanori Shibata at AIST that is used in clinics and hospitals to stimulate patients with depression or dementia. It allows the benefits of animal therapy to be administered to patients in environments such as hospitals and extended care facilities where live animals present for treatment may be difficult or logistics may be tough.


In closing on the panel, what’s next to be seen in the future for robotics technology? Autonomous cars and robots, telepresence, navigation and 3D mapping for indoor spaces by your phone, see more software program applications, better manipulation, enhanced software platform interaction and household robotics. The service and consumer robotics segments are exploding with mind-boggling innovation, new products and outrageous business opportunities.


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