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Woodbury University MCD Student Showcase Celebration

Woodbury University MCD Student Showcase Celebration

May 6, 2015

Attend this year’s weeklong celebration of student work showcased at Woodbury University School of Media, Culture & Design (MCD). The MCD showcase provides an opportunity for each department in the school to share student work at the end of the year with the campus community and members of the general public. Emphasis is placed on graduating students but many programs include work from each year of the program to demonstrate the progression in student learning outcomes. The event highlights the achievements of our students and connect with an audience that grows in size every year.

media tech

School of Media, Culture & Design (MCD) is a thriving dynamic school with the special mission of educating the next generation of creative professionals. Students learn, in many cases, directly from faculty that work in the surrounding creative economy. They also benefit from small class sizes, new digital infrastructure, and enriching student life programs. Watch video interview to hear more about the Media, Culture & Design program at Woodbury from a recent hands on interactive creative workshop for high school students. After the event, QGITS had a chance to talk with Edward Clift, Dean of School of Media, Culture & Design and Marcela Rodriguez, Admissions Counselor at Woodbury University.

The Animation program at Woodbury University emerge students with the knowledge, creative tools, and networking skills necessary to build a successful career. Woodbury’s internship model combines theory with practice by offering hands-on experience working with entertainment studios, production companies and interactive companies. To see a live showing of Animation & Filmmaking projects produced by students register here to attend Woodbury’s MCD showcase event May 7th & 8th. Also to hear more about the Animation program, watch video interview by QGITS from a recent Animation Workshop for high school students, talking with Dori Littell-Herrick, Chair of the Department of Animation in the School of Media, Culture and Design.

A dynamic video display of 3D objects turned into a stunning display by projection mapping tests from the class “TECH 3700: Media Environments” in the department of Media Technology at Woodbury University – Spring 2015. This beautiful piece was created by students: Tarun Dhiman, Marcus Murray, and Ryan Duarte. To see this live sign up and attend the Media Tech Showcase Friday May 8th from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Reserve your seat here.


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