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The ISDC 2014 National Space Conference liftoffs this week in Los Angeles May 14-18

The ISDC 2014 National Space Conference liftoffs this week in Los Angeles May 14-18

May 16, 2014

The ISDC National Space Conference liftoffs and begins this week at the Sheraton LAX in Los Angeles May 14-18. What a better way to start the conference by catching Buzz Aldrin Apollo 11 Astronaut, Author, founder of ShareSpace Foundation and National Space Society Board of Governors check into the conference as he will be a keynote presenter speaking on Saturday while also attending the plenary events throughout the week. The theme of this year’s ISDC is “A Space Renaissance.” Space development and innovation are flourishing at an ever-increasing rate. New technologies are redefining our paradigm of new ideas and approaches that will bring us closer to space than ever before – a space renaissance in the making.

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The opening ISDC reception starts with MC John Spencer founder of Space Tourism Society by welcoming guests introducing featured speaker for the eveningĀ Dr. Richard Garriott sixth private astronaut in space. It was an exciting start with food, networking as well students from around the world attending OOOOJOOOO educational sessions working on projects to make space happen.


Keynote speaker Richard Garriott talked on “Opening the Floodgates to Entrepreneurial Space Exploration.” Richard is a famed video game developer, followed in the footsteps of his father, NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, and traveled to the International Space Station as the sixth private astronaut in October of 2008 and spent 10 days aboard a Russion Soyuz spacecraft.
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Richard featured his film Apogee of Fear during his time aboard the International Space Station which is the first science fiction film made in space.
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Oooojooo presented world premiere of “Return to Mars,” an original animated series and hands on 3D design experience for all students attending ISDC.
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“ISDC 2014: A Space Renaissance” the National Space Society (NSS) conference will feature the movers and shakers who will push us towards the dream of a space-based civilization. A lot happening this week with special events, speakers, educational competitions and much more… To attend visit:

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