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The SoCal MakerCon Photo Roundup


On Nov 8, 2014, what was being called “the largest event celebrating inventiveness, innovation and ideas in Southern California” was held at the Los Angeles Fairplex building in Pomona, CA where a couple thousand people interested in the world of making showed up.

While we were at the event, we took a whole bunch of photos to document the growing maker movement as it flourished right before our very eyes. Embedded below is some of our favorites:

Let the Robot Battles Begin!

Mounds and mounds of electronics parts spread throughout the exhibitor booths where robots were created. Some battled each other in a clear box as crowds of enthusiastic people cheered nearby. Others flew into the air of the conference while eager individuals waited to control it on their own. Practically wherever one would look there would be some form of an electronically rigged robot.

3D Printers, 3D Printers Everywhere

A major theme that was seen at the SoCal MakerCon was a growing 3D printer trend. Companies were manufacturing their own custom 3D printers, providing 3D printing services and classes in a community makerspace or hackerspace and also distributors of 3d printers and supplies. 3D printing companies were printing items on the fly throughout the event for everyone to see and learn more about 3d printing. The amount of printers was a good sign the market is starting to proliferate causing the competition to go up and the consumer prices to go down. There were a lot of cool 3D printing companies to check out like Deezmaker, CoKreeate, Airwolf, Triaxisart, Purple Platypus, AIO Robotics, Vocademy, Urban Workshop, Factory Enova, Creatorspace, UMakers, MAKEiT 3D and OC Makerspace.

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More to see: OC’s MatterHackers 3D Printing Shop at SoCal MakerCon

Who Doesn’t Like to Play Games?!

Wherever there are makers, hackers, and inventors, there is probably going to be some sort of unique game created nearby. Those who like to innovate tend to enjoy having fun as well.

There were a handful of great experiences that were found at the SoCal MakerCon to satisfy the insatiable gaming appetite of when the need to mash buttons arised. Kids could even make their own games from the circuit up as well.

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