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Who Is On Your Mind? Neuroscientists Can Now Tell

Who Is On Your Mind?  Neuroscientists Can Now Tell

Mar 10, 2013

Whether you’re thinking about the cute blonde girl sitting next to you in class or your unfair boss from the 9-5, there will no longer be any hiding these thoughts, whether they are good or bad, as scientists can now tell exactly who a person is thinking about by analyzing images of your brain.  Just as people have their own unique personalities and their own unique traits, so they make their own individual imprints on each other’s brains.

Neuroscientists Now Know Who Is On Your Brain

According to a study done by Cornell University, each person we think about produces their own unique mental model in our heads.  In this study, nineteen adults learned about the personalities of four different people, each greatly differing in their own key personality traits, and were then placed in four different scenarios (such as sitting on a bus when an elderly person gets on and there are no seats) and were then asked to think about each of these four people would react specifically.  During these tasks their brains were scanned with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) which measures activity by detecting changes in the blood flow.

The research team then found four different patterns of brain activity produced which were found to be associated with each of the four different personalities that were on the participant’s mind.  This research study has profound implications, aside from rendering one’s ability to lie about who they were thinking about, as it is a small step in the science of mind reading.  Politicians should be weary.

For more information, please check out this link:
Science Daily

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