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EVO Kids Program with Tony Leavitt NASA Ames STEM Education Specialist | Evolution Expo 2014

EVO Kids Program with Tony Leavitt NASA Ames STEM Education Specialist | Evolution Expo 2014

Jul 2, 2014

At Evolution Expo in Oakland, Ca this past weekend Tony Leavitt, NASA Ames STEM outreach specialist & founder of The STEM-Space project worked with the Evo Kids program along with Astronauts Wendy Lawrence & Joe Edwards also including scientist: Liz Warren (NASA Scientist); Chris McKay (Planetary Scientist & Mars Expert); Dr. John Jaquish (BioMedical Engineer); Pascal Lee (NASA/SETI Institute Planetary Scientist & Mars Expert) and Celeste Yarnall (Doctorate in Nutrition). The Evo team first presented about the challenges currently facing our ability to reach Mars and other manned space operations. Next, families and kids settled into groups in a classroom setting called the “Think Tank” as they tried to come up with their own solutions to these issues. Once the kids were in their groups, a scientist sat with them while they brainstormed ideas to see how they were able to take their ideas to another level.

Pictured (starting left): Astronaut Joe Edwards, Celeste Yarnall, Tony Leavitt, Liz Warren, Dr. John Jaquish and Astronaut Wendy Lawrence.

QGITS had a chance to chat and interview Tony Leavitt at Evolution Expo with Nora Allstedt, California Educator for Exeter Unified Schools. Check out video to hear what he had to say about the Evo Kids Program and his new project the STEM-Space project:

At the EVO kids program at Evolution Expo,Tony Leavitt presented to kids and families “Exploring the Surface of Mars: Searching for Clues of Life: Past & Present” the exploration of Mars and how the “Follow the Water” strategy has lead to evidence of water both in ancient oceans and rivers on Mars and ways to engage students with this quest for life on other planets.


To Learn more visit:

The STEM-Space Project

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