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Space Elevator

Space Elevator

Jul 1, 2013

Space Elevator concept is a 22,000 mile journey into space that is actually cheaper and safer than rockets. What would enable this possibility in the future to happen is by a new material called a Carbon Nanotube (CNT).

A Carbon Nanotube is a tube-shaped material, made of carbon, having a diameter measuring on the nanometer scale. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter, or about one ten-thousandth of the thickness of a human hair. The graphite layer appears somewhat like a rolled-up chicken wire with a continuous unbroken hexagonal mesh and carbon molecules at the apexes of the hexagons. Overall, Carbon Nanotubes show a unique combination of stiffness, strength, and tenacity compared to other fiber materials which usually lack one or more of these properties. Incredibly they are also stronger and lighter than steel.


From 2006 to 2010 Nasa funded an annual competition in conjuction with Spaceward Foundation in New Mexico at the XPrize Cup to build and race space elevator prototypes in aim to inspire advances in technology with $150K in prizes for space elevator competition.  Spaceward in collaboration with Nasa hope to catalyze a renaissance in science, mathematics and engineering much like the early days of the space program.

Coming up the IESC Space Elevator Conference will be held at the Museum of Flight in Seattle Washington August 23-25. The Space Elevator Conference presents the third annual Family Science Fest on Saturday, August 24. This day-long, family-friendly event has something for everyone and you’ll have the entire museum to explore, top to bottom. Local companies, organizations, schools and universities will offer hands-on activities, displays and demonstrations with the focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). To attend and register visit:

Please visit to learn more about Space Elevators and Carbon Nanotubes from PBS Nova:

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    3d bioprinting = Immortality = go to stars

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