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Evo Kids “Think Tank” with NASA Astronauts Wendy Lawrence & Joe Edwards | Evolution Expo 2014

Evo Kids “Think Tank” with NASA Astronauts Wendy Lawrence & Joe Edwards | Evolution Expo 2014

Jul 9, 2014

NASA Astronauts Wendy Lawrence and Joe F. Edwards presented and interacted with kids at Evolution Expo 2014 – Evo Kids program talking with them up close and personal about their experiences in the pursuit of space exploration. They also discussed new technologies like having 3D printers in space that will manufacture tools on demand or even food and the challenges for future space exploration missions. The program was enjoyable for everyone as kids asked questions to both Joe and Wendy after panel discussion and soon after in the breakout session, they worked together in groups of teams called the “Think Tank.”

Astronaut Joe Edwards is also an aviator, combat Navy fighter pilot and experimental test pilot of the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world. In the Space Shuttle – Mir Space Station program he set world records for flying the largest mass in Earth orbit, the most humans in space simultaneously and he flew the closest flying maneuvers in the history of manned space flight in the Orbiter Endeavour.

Astronaut Wendy Lawrence former U.S. Navy Captain and helicopter pilot. She received a bachelor of science degree in ocean engineering from U.S. Naval Academy and a master of science degree in ocean engineering from MIT and WHOI. She was selected as an astronaut mission specialist and worked at NASA for 14 years. Her technical assignments included serving as the Director of Operations at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia. She is a veteran of four shuttle missions (STS-67, 86, 91 and 114) and has logged over 1225 hours in space.

Hear from both Joe and Wendy at Evolution Expo about what inspires them and advice to others in following their dreams:

For more information, visit:

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