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AIAA SPACE 2013 Conference

AIAA SPACE 2013 Conference

Sep 25, 2013

The AIAA Space Conference provides leaders from government, industry, and academia an opportunity to share ideas on how to focus the great talent and resources of the space community on the future. This work fuels the collective human drive to explore and be part of something bigger than ourselves, and brings about new technologies that make everyday living better for all of us.

The Space Conference was an awesome, interactive and exciting event to be able to attend and see that was held locally in San Diego, Ca at the San Diego Convention Center. It was more than what I expected so much to see and learn, I felt like a kid going to space camp. It was a full week event, however; I was only there for the day to hear the NASA panel presentation talk on NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission yet I wish I had more time to spend at this remarkable inspiring event.  It was not only exciting to hear the NASA panel speak but to meet and talk to people in the space tech industry working on incredible projects who were also once inspired as a kid watching Star Trek and the movie Apollo 13.

The talk on NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission explained using solar electric propulsion technology robotically capturing a small near-Earth asteroid to redirect it safely into a stable orbit in the Earth-moon system where astronauts can visit and explore the asteroid. This mission could lead to future lunar and deep space human exploration.

Upon hearing the NASA panel there was also an amazing Exposition Hall area to walk through and explore. There was a full corner NASA exhibitor area that had the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory and educational demonstration. You could try on Oculus rift and see Curiosity on Mars terrain, see Robonaut and speak to NASA Visualization Producer about the environment and climate change watching a demo of NASA’s Eyes on the Earth in 3D.  At the end of the day a surprise talk that was not on the online schedule was hearing Adam Steltzner from JPL talk about Curiosity’s landing system and John Grotzinger from Caltech discuss systems architecture and recent mission results. Additionally many more special events and forums took place throughout the week.

Robonaut 2 Mars laboratory

Also in the Exhibit Hall exhibitor Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) winners of DIY Rocket competition demonstrated the 1st 3D printed rocket engine. Next to their exhibit was International Space School Educational Trust (ISSET) their mission is to enable young people to work in teams with astronauts and NASA leaders for a week.

Many more high tech inspiring and educational exhibits to see:  Aerojet; Ariborne Systems, Applied Dynamics International, ATA Engineering, ATK, The Boeing Company, Bell’s Airplanes and Rockets, Desktop Aeronautics, Dunmore, IAC, ISSET, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Midland Development, National Institute for Rocket Propulsion Systems, Northrop Grumman, Orbital Sciences, SLAC, Space Micro, Spectral Dynamics, U.S. Department of Commerce, Wyle.

To view more photos of the AIAA Space Conference 2013:

space 2013

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