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“We the Geeks” Student Startups

“We the Geeks” Student Startups

Nov 23, 2013

President Obama declared November as National Entrepreneurship month, globally it is Entrepreneurship week and on November 20th it was Entrepreneurship Day with no better day to have “We the Geeks” set up a Google+ Hangout called “Student Startups” where leading student entrepreneurs and business moguls will talk about how anyone can cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship in his or her own community. Watch video Google+ Hangout moderated by Doug Rand, Assistant Director for Entrepreneurship at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and five teenage finalists of the 2013 National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. Additionally a panel of pioneering entrepreneurs which includes: Barbara Corcoran Real Estate Mogul & Celebrity Investor on Shark Tank; Daymond John Entrepreneur, Author & Celebrity Investor on Shark Tank; Jenny Corbin Co-Founder of TNG Pharmaceuticals; Jared Karp Co-Founder of Design Engineering Collaborative & BetaVersity; Spencer Quinn Co-Founder of FiberFix and Jolijt Tamanaha Co-Founder & COO of Farmplicity.

we the geeks

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