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Virtusphere at SoCal Virtual Reality Expo 2015

Virtusphere at SoCal Virtual Reality Expo 2015

Jul 30, 2015

At the inaugural SoCal Virtual Reality Expo & Conference with so many things to do, see and demo; however, one thing that stood out and you couldn’t miss at the exhibitors hall entrance was a very cool interactive completely full body immersion attraction called the Virtusphere. Attendees were able to not only try on an oculus rift headset but they were also able to immerse themselves into a virtual experience by physically walking through a virtual environment. Michael Douglas from Innersphere VR brought in and demonstrated the Virtusphere at SoCal VR 2015. Michael said,”It’s been around for about 10 years, military and colleges has purchased them but for the public they are no where to be found, they are too big and too expensive. So I travel around showing it at different conventions trying to promote virtual reality and motion.”

Check out this video with Michael Douglas demonstrating and talking some more about the Virtusphere with some help by Rudy Delgado a volunteer from SoCal VR conference.

To learn more about Virtusphere:

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