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Virtual Reality Festival presented by 3opolis at the SoCal VR Expo

Virtual Reality Festival presented by 3opolis at the SoCal VR Expo

Aug 3, 2015

Virtual Reality Fest presented by 3opolis a community partner to the SoCalVR expo who was also a participating exhibitor with a booth at the tradeshow is a community organization that is designed to honor and put the spot light on the technologist, filmmakers and content creators out there who are pioneering the virtual future of the entertainment industry. VR Fest was also a presenting sponsor of the SoCal VR kickoff space-themed party prior to the main event this year. QGITS attended both the space-themed kickoff celebration as well as the conference at SoCal VR and met up with Christopher Crescitelli Founder of Virtual Reality Festival & Producer & Creative Director of 3opolis.


QGTIS:  When is the next VR Fest and who can attend?

Christopher Crescitelli: The 1st official VR Festival tent pole event, will be Jan 6-9 which is during CES in Las Vegas. One thing that’s unique about the VR Fest is that it’s not only our festival but your festival as well. Meaning, we invite the general public and community to join us! It’s free to attend. We launched our touring initiative, the VR Lounge, a year ago as a pre-cursor to the festival so that people in the community and public can learn more about the VR Festival, who we are and what we do.

QGTIS: What can people see and do at VR Fest coming up Jan 6-9 at CES, Las Vegas?

Christopher Crescitelli: We will have multiple events in multiple locations around Las Vegas focused around the CES schedule. For example, night parties in the newest and hottest clubs on the strip, workshops and film screenings as well as a VR exhibits area and special creative art installations using virtual reality. It’s consumer facing yet also B2B. We are designed to be the first consumer live event 100% focused on virtual reality and the first program of it’s kind in the world.

QGTIS: What are some other projects or collaborations VR Fest has worked on?

Christopher Crescitelli: January 8th 2015 at CES we worked in partnership with the Extreme Tech Challenge at the Bellagio where we hosted their entire team through a cooperative event with the VR Festival and the VR Lounge. We are working with that team again this year. So we are excited to announce that collaboration and will be announcing the schedule in the weeks to come.

VR fest Photo by: sbe Entertainment Group

QGTIS:What has inspired you into virtual reality technology?

Christopher Crescitelli: I am very fortunate as a filmmaker to have worked with pioneers in the field at a very young age, so I have been working in 3D, 4D and virtual reality for about 20+ years. Those specialties have been a blessing in my career that allowed me to be on the front lines. During the 2D revolution I was working with one of the first 24P HD electronic cinematography solutions created by Panavision and George Lucas. And we made one of the very first movies ever to be shot in 2D 24P HD digital video. We also shot the first slow motion 24P HD shot ever back in the day. We were around when 3D started up again so I was working with the very 1st 3D television and first 3D gaming system. Then with virtual reality we are on the same track we are helping to build community and support the industry at large. We are also pioneering our own creative and technological pathways for our own projects.

More info and a message from Sir Richard Branson about the Extreme Tech Challenge:

Extreme Tech Challenge from Extreme Tech Challenge on Vimeo.

The Extreme Tech Challenge brings together targeted resources and world class advisors to help high-energy, wicked-smart entrepreneurs that are executing on big ideas. We aim to “lower the friction to your success” by providing exposure and capital to accelerate product and free infrastructure and other start-up boosters from world class vendors to scale. Importantly, we aim to have extreme fun along the way – the final pitch and feedback session will be held at Necker Island – with Sir Richard Branson as our special guest judge. Are YOU ready to give it your best shot?

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