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Teaching for the 21st Century: Meet Dr. Philip Janowicz

Teaching for the 21st Century: Meet Dr. Philip Janowicz

May 2, 2015

Most people cringe and/or gag involuntarily when they hear the words “organic chemistry“.  For those of us who have been through the course, it brings back painful memories that probably manifested in stereochemical nightmares during those college years.   For those who have never taken the course, organic chemistry seems daunting and impossible, like trying to get from San Clemente to Santa Monica during rush hour without hitting any traffic.  These are just two groups of people.  The third belongs to a class (pun intended) entirely of their own and it is those who have taken Dr. Philip Janowicz’s organic chemistry class.  Those people do not have panic in their eyes when the term is brought to mind and it is not just because Dr. Janowicz is a fantastic teacher, but because he is an innovator for the 21st century.



Philip Janowicz has his B.S. in Chemistry, Brain, and Cognitive Science with a minor in Psychology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  He has his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Organic Chemistry with a focus in Online Education.  He currently teaches at California State University Fullerton, where he also conducts research in online education.



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