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Solid Concepts shows the larger side of 3D Printing | ATX West 2014

Solid Concepts shows the larger side of 3D Printing | ATX West 2014

Feb 17, 2014

At ATX West 2014 & MD&M Pacific Design & Manufacturing (PDM) show at the Anaheim Convention, a blue super hero “Robocop” like figure caught my attention that was 3D printed by Solid Concepts. At the tradeshow Solid Concepts showcased their full product solutions line including aerospace production manufacturing and materials, medical cast urethane production offerings, and full range of application and 3D Printing solutions. Founded in 1991 by Joe Allison, President of Solid Concepts’ inception began with engineers and programmers who were integral in developing the first Stereolithography (SLA) additive manufacturing machines also referred to as rapid prototyping, solid-free-form fabrication, or most popular term used today 3D printing. The company has grown from a rapid prototyping bureau to a full-service custom manufacturing operation capable of seeing projects through from prototype to finished production offering both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies.


“There is a tendency to think small when it comes to the capabilities of 3D Printing,” says Vice President Marketing, Scott McGowan. “It’s good to step back and look at how long the industry has been here. Look at the larger scale, the larger format, of many of these 3D Printing industrial systems. Creators, inventors, and makers can start looking beyond small desktop 3D printers and consider what is achievable on the industrial scale with service providers that have decades of experience.”


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