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Build & Program Robots with Rokit Smart by Robolink | OCMMF 2015

Build & Program Robots with Rokit Smart by Robolink | OCMMF 2015

May 12, 2015

Rokit Smart is a user-friendly robotics kit that teaches building and programming of robots without soldering or prior experience. A few years ago, Robolink developed its first prototype of Rokit Smart to teach students how to build and program robots the easy way. This past weekend, Robolink showcased Rokit Smart at the OC Mini Maker Faire (OCMMF) at Irvine Valley College. The OC Mini Maker Faire is a celebration of the Maker Movement to inspire others to innovate and become Makers themselves. QGITS talked with founder Hansol Hong of Robolink at OCMMF to talk more about their inventive & creative robotics after school program for students and new product launch.

QGITS: Tell us about Robolink.

Hansol Hong: I run robotics education company in San Diego. We have been teaching over a thousand students on how to build and program robots. We are very excited to launch our Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday and release our robotics kit – Rokit Smart. We teach in San Diego but basically our idea is that we can go everywhere and share this innovative kit with everyone. So we released all of our know-hows online for free, as long as they have the kit, they can just use this.


QGITS: How does Rokit Smart work?

Hansol Hong: Students get a kit, with one box you can make twelve different robots with it. We included all of the building and programming instructions online, so the students can just simply follow along just like Khan Academy style, following youtube videos, then building and programming along with that. They will make twelve different exciting robots with Rokit Smart and it’s really fun.


Please help support Rokit Smart set the foundation for future generations of robotics education and make it affordable for everyone. Watch their Kickstarter video campaign and click here to help support this project at Kickstarter.



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