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Rick Tumlinson Chairman of Deep Space Industries | National Space Society ISDC 2014

Rick Tumlinson Chairman of Deep Space Industries | National Space Society ISDC 2014

Aug 3, 2014

One of the world’s top visionaries and influential people in the space field Rick Tumlinson Chairmain of the Board at Deep Space Industries. Deep Space is a renaissance company that combines veterans in space commerce, policy, asteroid missions, and risk management with young leading edge leaders from the “maker” and nanosat communities. Rick has also led the team that took over the Mir Space Station as the world’s first commercial space facility, signed up financier Dennis Tito to become the first citizen explorer to stay on the International Space Station and was a Founding Trustee of the X Prize. He co-founded the Space Frontier Foundation and founded the Texas Space Alliance, the EarthLight Institute and Orbital Outfitters – provider of commercial space suits to the new industry of suborbital space travel. He has testified on space policy issues twice for the US Senate, four times in the US House of Representatives and assisted NASA in the creation of its plan to return to the Moon and the formation of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group.


QGITS had the chance to talk to Rick Tumlinson after his presentation at the ISDC International Space Development conference 2014, here’s what he had to say:

For more information visit:

Deep Space Industries

Space Frontier Foundation

International Space Development Conference

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