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Part II CaraVellair Flying Car Demo | Caravella Aerospace

Part II CaraVellair Flying Car Demo | Caravella Aerospace

Jul 29, 2013

Joe Caravella Jr. Founder of Caravella Aerospace demos the CaraVellair propeller drive, steering and pedal system in part II interview with Andrea Kuipers and Anil Pattni.  In this interview Joe also talks about how he is getting ready to display the CaraVellair at the San Diego Air & Space Musuem to inspire kids 6th-12th graders who will participate in the flying car competition sponsored by Ford Motors. This competition was a huge success and the San Diego Air & Space Museum will be ready for the next one in 2014. To view more information from most recent flying car competition for kids, please visit:

Caravellair demo

To find out more about the CaraVellair “affordable aircraft” please visit: Company Links:




QGITS team: Andrea Kuipers (Host); Anil Pattni (Host/OCHackerz); Arman Bastani (Videographer/Oval Integration); Isaac Rosales (Video Consultant at MovieNomics); Candice Nunez (Film Coordinator).

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