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Entrepreneur Adam Rifkin Co-Founder 106 Miles & PandaWhale

Entrepreneur Adam Rifkin Co-Founder 106 Miles & PandaWhale

Aug 18, 2013

106 Miles an 8000-person network of startup founders, engineers and friends held a recent event in Newport Beach where Andrea Kuipers and Anil Pattni had the chance to catch up and meet Adam Rifkin, Co-Founder of 106 Miles and CEO/Co-Founder/Director at PandaWhale while he was in town from the San Francisco Bay area. In this interview you will hear about Adam’s start as a Software Engineer at Nasa and Hewlett Packard, a Doctoral Candidate from Caltech, Researcher at Microsoft followed by multiple startup ventures on cutting edge technologies such as CEO/Co-Founder of Renkoo working with top social networking giants Facebook and MySpace and more.

AR Video

Watch inspiring Part I and Part II video interviews with Adam Rifkin Co-Founder of 106 Miles and Pandawhale.

Part I Adam Rifkin Interview: Starting your own business

Part II Adam Rifkin Interview: Success & Entrepreneurship

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QGITS team: Andrea Kuipers (Host); Anil Pattni (Host/OCHackerz); Arman Bastani (Oval Integration); Isaac Rosales (Video Consultant at Movienomics); Candice Nunez (Film Coordinator).

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