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President & Founder Diego Porqueras of Deezmaker – 1st 3D Printer Shop on the West Coast

President & Founder Diego Porqueras of Deezmaker – 1st 3D Printer Shop on the West Coast

Nov 12, 2013

QGITS TV had the opportunity to stop by and meet with President & Founder Diego Porqueras of Deezmaker 3D Printing retail shop & Hackerspace in Pasadena, Ca. Diego is the creator of Bukobot & Bukito opensource portable 3D Printers. Bukobot is their first successful Kickstarter project leading them to Southern California as the first pioneers to open a 3D printing shop on the West Coast last year and the 2nd one in the U.S. Diego strongly believes, “3D printers will help teachers and parents excite and inspire kids to pursue careers involving science and engineering. And for those students, hobbyist and makers that love 3D printing as I do, I’m sure a 3D printer will further expand the realms of your imagination in what you can create.”

Watch video interview to hear Diego Porqueras Founder of Deezmaker talk about 3D Printing, Bukobot & Bukito portable open source 3D printers and more.

Read more to learn more about Deezmaker and Bukobot/Bukito portable 3D printers.

What is the “Bukobot”?
The Buko framework is the next generation of Open Source 3D Printers. 3D printers using this new framework are called Bukobots.

The Details:
Build Volume: 8″x8″x8″ (200mmx200mmx200mm)/512in^3; Helios Heated Platform 3.1mm(1/8″); Synchromesh Drive System: Extruder System: Deezmaker Spitfire 0.35mm all-metal nozzle Deezmaker Tatsu v2 drive gear 3mm filament compatible; Compatible build materials: PLA, ABS, Nylon (Taulman 614/645), T-Glase, Laywood, Polycarbonate, HIPS, PVA; Electronics: Arduino compatible (Atmel 2560) Azteeg X3, SureStepr Drivers (1/32 mircrostepping) SD Card Reader Dedicated 12v,250 watt (20 amp) Power Supply; Performance Specifications: Feed rates: up to ~250mm/sec Travel:300mm+/sec 50 micron (.05mm/.002 inch)printing accuracy 20 mmicron (.02mm/.0008 inch) Z layer height tested Motor Stepping: X & Y @ 10 microns/Z@2 microns


What is the “Bukito”?
The Bukito is Deezmaker new sturdy, fast and portable 3D printer. This new 3D printer design is the result of the desire and passion to make a great portable printer that we can take with us anywhere.

The Details
Build Volume: 5″x6″x5″ (125mmx150mmx125mm)/150^3; PLA & Nylon-Ready Platform Synchromesh Drive System; Extruder System: Deezmaker Sidewinder 0.5mm all-metal nozzle Deezmaker Tatsu v2 drive gear 1.75mm filament compatible; Compatible Build Materials: PLA, ABS, Nylon (Taulman 614/645), T-Glase, Laywood; Electronics: Arduino-compatible Azteeg X2 SureStepr Drivers (1/32 microstepping) SD Card Reader 12v, 120 watt (8.5 amp) Power Supply; Performance Specifications: Feed rates: Up to ~20mm/sec Travel:300mm+/sec 100 micron (<0.1mm/0.004 inch)printing accuracy 100 micron (<0.1mm/0.004 inch) Z layer height tested Motor Stepping: X&Y @10 microns/Z @2 microns


About Deezmaker
Deezmaker manufactures 3-D printer kits which are sold online and their Pasadena retail store. Opened in late 2012, Deezmaker’s in-store hackerspace gives 3-D printing enthusiasts a place to get together and find ways to innovate and move the field forward. Monthly open meetings for the community on the first Sunday of each month have become local focal points for 3D printing evangelism. Check out there website to find out about their next meeting coming up at

Deezmaker was a Kickstarter success story from its beginnings. A 2012 campaign for the first printer (the Bukobot) launched the company, raising roughly four times the minimum requested amount. A subsequent Kickstarter campaign in summer 2013 for the new, portable Bukito printer raised 2.5 times its requested goal.

Currently, Deezmaker is getting ready to fulfill its Bukito Kickstarter orders and ongoing Bukobot orders, laying out plans for more courses, and developing great collaborations.

To purchase Bukobot or Bukito visit their online store:

For more information visit:

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