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FEAT Socks Making Socks Fun | Support on Kickstarter

FEAT Socks Making Socks Fun | Support on Kickstarter

Jun 19, 2015

FEAT Socks is making socks awesome and fun. The company started in 2014 by Founder Parker Burr; Partners Taylor Offer and Elijah Grundel. They were undergraduate business students from the University of Massachusetts and began the company their senior year. While balancing 21 credit classloads, the three of them were able to sell over 15,000 pairs of socks and get into 45 retail stores! They just graduated and the business is still growing. FEAT Socks recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and have already raised over $11,000. QGITS had the opportunity to chat with one of the Partners, Taylor Offer to hear about their inspiring entrepreneurial success story of FEAT Socks and how they got started.

Feat Socks pic Photo by MassLive: Partners and founder of FEAT Socks, Taylor Offer, Parker Burr, founder, and Elijah Grundel with their products.

QGITS: The FEAT Socks brand makes wearing socks cool, how did you guys come up with the idea to sell socks?

Taylor: Actually my business partner Parker came up with it, we met the first day of class my senior year and he said I have this idea to sell socks. He already had a custom lacrosse uniform business called Promo Lacrosse where he would make custom jerseys and everyone kept asking him for custom socks for their jerseys. He realized instead of making 20 pairs of custom pair of socks for a team he could make pretty cool socks that could sell and make more of them. Parker told me that he had this idea and I said “Yea right, I don’t think people are going to pay $12 for a pair of socks.” So we said lets go try it, and we went out on campus where we set up a stand and sold over $1,500 worth of socks in just a couple hours..we sold out.

Check out their Kickstarter video:
Help back FEAT Socks reach their goal of $25K and donate here to support:

QGITS: What was it like getting into your first retail store?

Taylor:  It was great because it was so hard at first. We would call the stores individually and say ‘here’s our product’ and ‘heres what we are doing.’ Retailers just ignored us because we are college kids calling and they just thought it was kinda of a stupid little product we had. We got ignored and ignored but we kept calling every different store we could. We then figured out we had to go through the sales reps. So we hired a sales rep and we paid them a commission to get us into the stores. So that was in mid to end of February and the past three months we have got into almost 50 stores because of these sales reps because they have these relationships and they can push the product a lot easier. So the stores do not want to take on a new relationship with us but if it’s a sales rep who they knew, its super easy for the sales rep to make the sell.

QGITS: Any advice to keep going and not give up?

Taylor: Yes, this is actually my 3rd company I’ve started, so you can’t give up. My first two didn’t really fail but they didn’t really make money but I failed a need. So if your going to fail, figure out a way where you can test your product and go after it without losing too much money or time. So if your going to fail, fail quickly and easily. So if we are going to fail with socks and if no one wanted to buy our socks, we would have been done. Yea, we would have tried a couple of more places but if we still couldn’t sell then we would have been over..but we didnt. We kept pushing and when we tried to get into stores, we couldn’t get into any stores, it was like a month process. We just kept pushing forward and as long as your not spending a lot of money..keep pushing. Your time is so much more rewarding to keep pushing and to be productive with you time.

QGITS: Any more great advice for new aspiring Entrepreneurs, you would like to add?

Taylor: The hardest thing is to start, so to try. When I first met Parker in class and he told me that he had this idea to sell socks, I could have said, well I did say,“Yea right, sell socks for twelve bucks but lets try it.” I didn’t have an idea what we were getting into but it took one day. We bought a bunch of socks and made them. We went out sold them and saw it worked. The hardest part is trying, its so hard to take an idea and to actually start it. The biggest thing is to start..go after it. Keep pushing and hustle.

Just 21 more days to go. Please help support FEAT Socks reach their goal on Kickstarter. FEAT Socks wants to continue to bring us many more adventurous life style socks to choose from but can do so if we help them meet their manufacturer minimums. Help support their campaign on Kickstarter:

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