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Endeavour Fest | Danny Olivas former NASA Astronaut at the California Science Center

Endeavour Fest | Danny Olivas former NASA Astronaut at the California Science Center

Oct 18, 2013

In celebrating the one year anniversary of the Space Shuttle’s arrival at the California Science Center there were so many cool family fun exhibits to see for everyone such as one time only exhibit SpaceX Dragon, Red Bull Stratos capsule and pressurized spacesuit worn by Felix Baumgartner, film screening of Endeavour and daily Astronaut guest speakers. Saturday Oct 12th former Astronaut Danny Olivas PhD, PE was speaking about his experience in space inspiring the audience advocating the importance of education and to “Work hard and never give up.”

Danny has traveled more than 11.6 million miles in space aboard two U.S. Space Shuttle missions STS-117 on Atlantis and STS-128 on Discovery to the International Space Station (ISS), including five space walks. In an effort to support the encouragement of Science Engineering Technology and Mathematics (STEM) in today’s youth he supports numerous projects dedicated to its promotion. Watch interview of former Astronaut Danny Olivas as he talks about his journeys in space, his new book for kids “Endeavour’s Long Journey” and how he made water and electricity in space:

Photo of Danny Olivas during a 35 minute spacewalk on mission STS-128 as Mission Specialist. He and Astronaut Space partner Nicole Stott (out of picture frame) remove an empty ammonia tank from the station’s truss and temporarily stowed it on the station’s robotic arm, they also retrieve Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE) from the Columbus laboratory module and installed them on Space Shuttle Discovery’s payload bay for return.

Kids will love this book “Endeavour’s Long Journey” it will inspire and take readers along a fun adventure about a young boy’s journey while visiting the Science Center with his family, he finds himself on the Space Shuttle exploring space and learns about Endeavour’s extraordinary contribution to space science, and its famous service missions including the Hubble Space Telescope. The book also features stunning NASA photos, fun facts, famous firsts and quizzes to inspire kids in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. – Written by: Danny Olivas; Edited by: Icy & Michael Smith; Illustrated by: Gayle Garner Roski.

To purchase book, please visit:
Endeavour’s Long Journey

To learn more about Danny and his missions aboard the Space Shuttle also visit:

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