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Easy Mill CNC Mill Building | OC Mini Maker Faire

Easy Mill CNC Mill Building | OC Mini Maker Faire

Feb 3, 2014

Meet 15 year old Ben Baral from Easy Mill one of the Makers who showcased an innovative creation at the OC Mini Maker Faire at the University Irvine‚Äôs Beall Center for Art + Technology, and the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. When Ben first began his project he set out to make a CNC mill yet he knew that he would need some help and he didn’t think he could do it alone. He approached his Dad for his help but he essentially said that they couldn’t make one since it was too complicated and his Dad was worried that he didn’t have the tools or abilities to make such a machinist-quality machine. But Ben didn’t give up so easily. He started scouring the Internet looking for an easy to make, fairly accurate CNC mill that didn’t require a large amount of precision. That’s when he found Tom’s Easy Mill. It looked simple enough, and the Instructables claimed it was precise enough, so he brought it to his Dad who then agreed that they could probably do it with the tools they already had, so they set out to make it. He completed his project while working on it during his winter break and 2 full days a week during the summer. Check out Ben’s finished Easy Mill project at the OC Mini Maker Faire as he talks to Andrea Kuipers from QGITS and Anil Pattni from OCHackerz/QGITS.

To learn more about Ben’s project visit

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