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Deezmaker 3D Printer Hacking Day & New Makerspace Preview

Deezmaker 3D Printer Hacking Day & New Makerspace Preview

Apr 5, 2015

Deezmaker 3d Printer & Hackerspace retail store located in Pasadena, Ca was the first 3-D printer store on the West Coast in 2012 and today attendees were able to preview behind the scenes of new upcoming Makerspace expansion. Deezmaker will now also be a community center with a strong focus on education and resources for all types of fabrication. The new added space will offer over 1000 sqft of self-service equipment, tools, and more. Makerspace members will have access to 3D printers, laser cutting, soldering equipment, vinyl cutters and more to bring their projects to life. At the preview, QGITS talked with Diego Porqueras, Founder of Deezmaker and Creator of Bukobot & Bukito 3D Printers.


QGITS: Deezmaker has monthly events, what’s different about today’s event?

Diego Porqueras: Were having our 1st Sunday’s of the month meetup here at Deezmaker but today we are having something a little special…people are able to preview our new Makerspace, our new extension to our shop. We are growing, getting a little bigger, it’s not totally complete but were almost there. We are going to start membership so people can create projects in the new space and be next door to our production area. Our official grand opening date to the public will be May 3rd.


QGITS: This is pretty cool right here, I heard you made this 3d printer scanner?

Diego Porqueras: It’s based on something we have seen on the internet and Rich one of the makers here at the shop, made a 3d printer scanner that is portable and telescopic. I decided to make one less complicated. It can’t be moved very easily but it 3d scans people with the Xbox Kinect. It’s very simple and fun.

IMG_0493 3d scan

3d scan Metal Photo: Metal 3d scanning James at Deezmaker.

QGITS also talked with Metal, Production Manager at Deezmaker who was also 3d scanning people at the event. Here’s what he had to say about the new extension to the Hackerspace.

“People can come into the new space and make awesome cool stuff and have all the resources. This is the perfect environment for allowing people to try things without having all the prereqs. If you have a task we will help you get there, you dont have to know how to do it, just have the desire to want to learn. – Metal, Production Manager at Deezmaker


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