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Congratulations to Lisa Kristine Humanitarian Photographer | 2013 Lucie Awards Honoree

Congratulations to Lisa Kristine Humanitarian Photographer | 2013 Lucie Awards Honoree

Nov 10, 2013

Lisa Kristine was honored at Carnegie Hall in New York as the 2013 Humanitarian Photographer of the Year! The awards are presented by the Lucie Foundation, honoring the world’s top photographers in a range of categories, including fashion, fine art, humanitarianism, photojournalism and documentary. An article written by Free the Slaves, “Lisa has gained broad recognition for her collaboration with the NGO Free the Slaves,” the foundation notes on its website, calling her 2010 book Slavery (published by Free the Slaves) a “breathtaking body of work.” Lisa traveled to the front lines of slavery with FTS activists to capture images that reveal the pain of slavery and the hope of freedom.

2013 Lucie Awards Honoree, Lisa Kristine from Lucie Foundation on Vimeo.

Calling Lisa “a master storyteller,” the Lucie foundation says her photographs instinctively identify “the universal human dignity in all of us.” “Awakening compassion and igniting action in a worldwide audience with powerful, broad-sweeping images of courage and tender intimate portrayals, Lisa elevates significant social causes – such as the elimination of human slavery and the unification of humanity – to missions. Her work resonates in the hearts of us all and moves us to act,” the foundation says. – Article by Free the Slaves

Lisa Kristine

To Learn more about Lisa Kristine:
TED Talk

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