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Imagine Sustainable Socially Responsible Fashion | SIMA Cinema 2016

Imagine Sustainable Socially Responsible Fashion | SIMA Cinema 2016

Jun 6, 2016

The Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA) of 2016 showcased a film winners series at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles that exemplified social change and storytelling from the front lines of today’s global issues. Beyond the Label by EcoDivas hosted a reception, a recycling t-shirt exchange and a film screening of ‘The True Cost‘ following with a panel discussion with sustainability fashion industry leaders about ‘who really pays the price for our clothing we wear as well as the people who make them.’ Beyond the Label provides a series of social experiment events partnered with TEDxLA with it’s theme this year ‘Imagine.’ That in mind Beyond the Label imagines a world where consumers knew the true environment, social and health costs of their fashion purchases and felt empowered to write a different story. Essentially giving people the power to #MakeShiftHappen by making educated fashion purchases.

During the reception I had the chance to meet the awesome women of Beyond the Label who are making a difference in the sustainable fashion industry: Taryn Hipwell Creator Educator Producer & CEO of EcoDivas & EP of The Beyond the Label; Jeanie You, CEO of AFU Productions and Nicole Landers, Marketing Maverick & Climate Reality Leader & Sustainability Expert.

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EcoFashionistas (left): Jeanie You; Taryn Hipwell; and Nicole Landers

Chatting with Taryn, Jeanie and Nicole of EcoDivas at the Skirball event in Los Angeles before the film screening. Hear from them what Beyond the Label is all about, their vision, goals and how they are making a difference in the fashion industry. In the audio Taryn also talks about, “I am a fan of sustainable eco-fiber Tencel by Lenzing that is made by recycling eucalyptus trees. Additionally I am also a big fan of Recover Textile Fabric which uses Pre and Post consumer waste to make new fiber…including cutting room scraps. And we are so happy to work with Marci Zaroff and Metawear Organic to create Beyond the Label T-shirts which are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Made in the USA, and Cradle to Cradle certified.”

A panel discussion and Q&A after the film screening of ‘The True Cost’ moderated by Taryn Hipwell of EcoDivas TV featuring Ann Wang CEO & Cofounder of online marketplace Enrou; Travis Heard VP of Finance & Strategy at Outerknown; and Katie Bond of Fair Trade LA & founder of The Peace Exchange.

Fashion Expert Sustainable Panel (left): Taryn Hipwell; Ann Wang; Katie Bond; Travis Heard

“It’s amazing to have this conversation..where an online market place that really is a curator of incredible brands that are all about providing dignified work to the makers. It’s finding incredible pieces that you can still love, express who you are, your values, your ideals but also finding a way of providing empowerment to the actual makers in people. Everything in our store has a story.”- Ann Wang, CEO & Cofounder of online marketplace Enrou

“In the documentary it says that more than 85% of garment workers are female..Have more of a compassionate connection to the clothes that you wear and that you would kind of step back and actually relate to what you wearing. Think about the person that made it and the female garment worker that made it and think about the artisan. Just connect with your clothes because we are so disconnected with our clothing, form a relationship with your clothes in a way where you are thoughtful of the earth.” – Katie Bond of Fair Trade LA & founder of The Peace Exchange

“Your iphone may cost you $700 yet you want your t-shirt to cost $’s the dispose ability of it. I think there is a disconnect between within people’s minds of what they value and what they put a greater emphasis on. When you look at the margins across technology versus the impacts of input created into a’s staggering.” – Travis Heard VP of Finance & Strategy at Outerknown





outerknown (1)Enroupeace exchange
Fair Trade LAMetawear


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