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Britain is Rainier Than Usual-Because of Melting Ice Caps?

Britain is Rainier Than Usual-Because of Melting Ice Caps?

Oct 28, 2013

Melting arctic sea ice is causing rainier summers in Britain and northwest Europe.

I don’t know if Harry Potter believes in global warming but he better cos it’s happening in his hometown.

A new study done by Dr. James Screen from the University of Exeter states that the melting Arctic sea ice could have contributed to the heavy rainfall that occurred in the summers between 2007 and 2012 in northwest Europe and Britain.  Dr. Screen used a computer model to predict how such changes had happened with the retreat of the arctic ice caps and their effect on the positions of the jet streams, which lead to the heavier rainfall.  Jet streams are currents of fast moving air moving rapidly in the upper level of the earth’s atmosphere-roughly around where planes fly.  Jet streams effect our weather and direct it where to go.

In the beginning of the summer the jet streams are between Iceland and Scotland and will pass just to the north of Britain.  The streams shift during the summer and to the south which is what brings the normally very wet season for Britain and northwest Europe.  However when these streams are picking up extra water from the Arctic, that’s when all watery hell breaks loose and those parts receive the heavy rainfall they have been seeing the past five years.

“The study suggests that loss of sea ice not only has an effect on the environment and wildlife of the Arctic region but has far reaching consequences for people living in Europe and beyond,” Dr. Screen expresses, referring to the difference in the jet streams.

If only Harry Potter could Expelliarmus the caps back and make his country not as wet again.  If only the muggles hadn’t gotten to the earth first.

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