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QGITS is a web publication covering media by providing entertaining innovative inspiring content and videos promoting ideas and stories of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, entrepreneurship; awareness of social causes and excitement of STEM & STEAM education Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math fields.


QGITS stands for (also pronounced /’kwi-jits/) :

(Q) Question – To inspire wonderment and the pursuit of knowledge.
(G) Green – To preserve the planet for generations to come.
( I ) Innovate – To create pioneers and disruptive markets.
(T) Technology – To manifest advanced methods and tools.
(S) Science – To promote critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

QGITS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to give back to the community providing creative innovative and fun learning approaches to help improve the way our students learn in the classroom or in after school programs finding a passion and interest for Science Technology Engineering Art & Math while making positive contributions to society. We are also interested in providing opportunities to Girls and Women to expand the capacity and diversity of STEAM in the workforce and to help underserved low-income communities where students have no opportunities. We successfully make this happen by aligning ourselves with Partners and Sponsoring Educational Community events.

Our Team


Candice Nunez - Founder of QGITS
Candice Nunez
Andrea Kuipers
Andrea Kuipers
Scientist/Content Writer/QGITS TV host
Matt T
Matt Terndrup
Journalist/STEAM Educator
Armin Bastani
Arman Bastani
Graphic Designer & Creative Techie
Anil Pattni
Anil Pattni
Hacker & QGITS TV Host
Makena Costlow
Makena Costlow
Digital Video Editor
Casey Raasumaa
Casey Raasumaa
Grant Keller - Webmaster for QGITS
Grant Keller